Support Black Black Bear Conservation in Missouri

Do we have black bears in Missouri? The answer is yes, we have a small but possibly growing population. Black bears appear to be making a comeback in Missouri after being nearly eliminated from the landscape in the last century. <Learn more>

MCHF Works with Donors to Acquire Track Chairs

MCHF is working with donors to acquire several Trackchairs to enhance opportunities for participants in Missouri Department of Conservation (Department) programs and special hunting and fishing events who are dealing with mobility impairment. Read more

MCHF Teams Up with Donors on Volunteer Training Funds

MCHF is happy to announce that the volunteer fund now has over $7,500 available for staff of MDC to use to cover volunteer training and travel statewide to continue to support programs that would not be possible without the volunteers. More Info

Wetlands and Waterfowl Conservation Book Project

Wildlife conservation in Missouri is unique. Separating Missouri from most other states is the citizen mandate that fish, forest and wildlife resources will be sustained for future generations. Waterfowl and wetland habitats have benefited from special partnerships among government agencies, landowners, waterfowl hunters and wetlands conservationists positioning Missouri as one of the most important states in North America for migrating and wintering waterfowl and other wetland birds. <Read More>


MCHF Funds Over $20,000 in Projects at February Board Meeting
At its meeting on February 20, the MCHF Board funded several projects to support ongoing work by Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) staff. These projects include:


Macon Family Outdoor Fun Day - $1,250

Blue River Community Restoration Day - $2,475

Columbia Public Schools Outdoor Education Program - $5,000

DeKalb County Upland Bird Youth Hunt - $1,000

Smithville Lake Disabled Hunt & Eagle Day Blinds - $5,000

Youth Waterfowl Hunting Waders - $4,900

Young Outdoor United Event - $875


The Foundation reviews grant applications at its February and August board meetings for funding projects recommended by MDC. To apply for grant funding, you must be sponsored by a staff member of MDC. For additional information on each project visit the MCHF website project database.


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